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     Welcome to Bomengen.com!  I've put together a collection of photographs that I have taken from High School on that I am proud of.  Photography has always been an interest of mine, once I began to use digital cameras the amount of time I put into taking photographs increased exponentially.  Combined with a general interest in computing, I've decided to use this website to help share some of the images I've taken.  This site contains galleries of family trips, nights out, volunteer work, downtown Bremerton development, along with numerous other types of photographs that I have accrued over the years.  Though it may take time, I do update this site approximately once a month at least now that my family's better camera is operating again.  The updates could range from a few photos of an event, to an entire section on a new piece of development in Bremerton.

     Along with the numerous photographs I have taken over the years, if anyone has some photos of Bremerton life and/or something that you think I would like to display, e-mail me at karl@bomengen.com.  Guest galleries are a wonderful way to increase the amount of variation in what I can offer visitors to my site.  Hopefully this site can be a bit interesting to all of those who visit.

     Take a look, explore, and feel free to give me suggestions.

Karl Bomengen
Proud Bremertonian

NEW UPDATE:Added 3 new galleries!  24 December 2007

All works on display at www.bomengen.com are personal photographs taken by Karl Bomengen or guest photographers.  Please do not reproduce or publish any materials on the site without prior expressed permission from the photographer of the gallery.  To gain permission to reproduce or publish the photos or materials on the site, please e-mail the webmaster at karl@bomengen.com.  Thank you for your cooperation.

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